About us

We are INF - an e-commerce with products that add value to everyday life

Our everyday lives can look very different, but one thing that unites us are the little things, the needs and the problems that have to be solved one way or another. That's why we at INF make sure to have a wide product range of practical gadgets, nice accessories and smart solutions that add value to everyday life - no matter what your everyday life looks like!

Our offer: Products that will create unbeatable value

INF was founded in 2003 on the idea of offering products that we ourselves would like to buy and use. It was obvious that the products had to have a nice design, maintain high quality and be able to be bought at a competitive price. However, we quickly understood that a very wide range of products was also required - because everyday life is full of small obstacles you need to be able to jump over. Preferably in a smart, flexible and safe way.

Under all our main categories - whether it's Electronics, Home & Household or Sports & Leisure, Clothing or any of our watch bracelets - you are therefore guaranteed to find good products at good prices that ultimately create unbeatable value for you, your family, colleagues and friends.

A constantly rising demand for products for home, office and the car - in Sweden and abroad

Our range also continues to grow in step with an ever-increasing demand for products that improve, brighten and simplify life. Something we at INF see as our task to provide to all everyday fighters - regardless of whether it's products for the home, garden, office, car or travel.

In addition to delivering to households all over Sweden, demand from abroad has also increased - and today we deliver products to our neighboring countries in the Nordics as well as Central and Southern Europe .

Finally - free shipping and fast delivery

Finally, we of course also want to offer as good a shopping experience as possible! That's why we make sure to have fast deliveries with free shipping, 90 days open purchase and a customer service that is available via both email and phone should you have any further questions. Here you will find answers to the most common questions.

(By the way, see more information about conditions, returns and complaints here if you want)

A warm welcome to an e-commerce with products that straighten out life's little question marks!

About INF Company

In 2003, INF saw the light of day for the first time. Then we started from China and initially acted as a subcontractor and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), in electronics to well-known brands. Something we still offer today.

Since 2016, we have developed our business to get closer to our customers. After many years of experience in the production and import of goods from Asia, we saw the opportunity - to offer the market products that add value to everyday life. Therefore, we now buy all our products directly from the factory with our own quality controls, while we own the entire logistics chain. A cost-effective process that contributes to us being able to offer our products at good prices.

Our organization now consists of offices with a marketing department, logistics and warehousing in our beloved Höganäs, the scenic gem in Northwest Scania, as well as purchasing and quality offices in Shenzhen and Yi Chang, China.